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    They still can't sell 'em!


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    They still can't sell 'em! Empty They still can't sell 'em!

    Post  sinister_midget on Sat Dec 08, 2018 7:10 pm

    Desperate measures! Bill and Hillary Clinton resort to using Groupon to sell half-price tickets after their 13-stop paid speaking tour fails to draw the crowds

    Bill and Hillary Clinton have been forced to resort to selling half price tickets for their 13-city tour on Groupon in a desperate bid to put bums on seats. 

    The former president and first lady launched their tour in a Canadian hockey arena last Tuesday to an underwhelming crowd and swaths of empty seats.

    Ticket prices were plummeting shortly before the event, with the cheapest seats selling on Stubhub for single-digits -  $6.55 Canadian Dollars, or less than $5.

    Now the couple are taking drastic action to avoid another embarrassment on the next stop on their An Evening With the Clintons tour.

    They have slashed tickets by up to 60 per cent, and even offered them on Groupon, to try and entice more fans to come and listen to them speak. 

    They still can't sell 'em! 7160358-6473637-Sales_for_the_Clinton_s_13_city_speaking_tour_were_disappointing-a-4_1544242747623

    On the official site, there were still seats for the tour available for up to $325, with other floor seats going for $83 plus a hefty service charge, but on Groupon, they can be picked up for as little as $35.

    The tour is currently on a break for the holidays and reconvenes in New York on April 11, 2019, before moving on to nine other cities including DC, Boston, LA and Las Vegas. 

    They did, what? 3 shows to no audience? And they're so tired they took a break?

    For their May 19 show at The Forum in Inglewood, California, – which seats more than 17,000 – tickets usually priced at $77 are now going for $35, with $120 tickets discounted to $50, and $175 seats down to $72.

    Despite the site telling customers that 'tickets are selling fast!' with 'limited time remaining,' it appears that less than 450 discounted tickets have actually been sold

    Groupon deal for the Clinton's talk is for the liberal stronghold of Los Angeles where one would imagine the political power couple should be able to pull in the numbers. 

    They can "pull in the numbers." So long as they don't make much money from it. And she can "pull in the numbers" in the "stronghold of Los Angeles" only by discounting tickets.

    Now I'm hoping she really does run again! I know she won't. All that talk is a ruse so she can scream she's being attacked for being a strong opponent against Trump if they do haul her off. But it would be great watching the seething of the left as she tried to maneuver everything in her favor again while locking everybody out completely.

    I almost wish Trump would call her bluff and state he's going to try to keep her from being arrested "for the good of the country." But he'd hold himself to that, and I'd rather she be publicly hanged for all of the murders and other crimes she's been part of.

    We'll never have to worry about China attacking us. They're 12 hours ahead, so we'll have plenty of time to shoot down their missiles.
    -- Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

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