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    The media being unbiased, as usual


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    The media being unbiased, as usual

    Post  sinister_midget on Wed Nov 07, 2018 9:40 pm

    There's a "blue wave" to brag about.

    They don't have any problem mentioning the new liberal women. Women aren't unusual. Liberal women either. But they talk about them just the same.

    They won't have any problem talking about the new Muslim (but will "accidentally" fail to mention she married her brother). She won't be the first of those.

    But the first Korean is a yawner. Because she's not "blue wave" material.

    Media Ignores Young Kim, First Korean-American Woman Elected to Congress – She’s a Republican

    If you’re hearing the name “Young Kim” for the first time today, you’re not the only one. Indeed, in a world where the media will hype the identity of a political candidate so long as they check the right identity boxes (female, gay, transgender, Muslim, black, etc.), they are mysteriously silent about Kim, who is now the first Korean-American woman elected to Congress. Why? Because she’s a Republican, of course!

    When Democrats talk about the need to “elect more women,” “elect more people of color,” or “elect more *insert identity here*,” they’re really just saying “elect more Democrats.” After all, the same Democrats who called Republicans racist for not supporting Barack Obama didn’t then turn around support the candidacies of Herman Cain or Ben Carson, did they? Of course not.

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