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    It's not just for blacks


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    It's not just for blacks

    Post  sinister_midget on Mon Oct 29, 2018 4:36 pm

    Time to flee Democratic Party

    Kanye West is calling for a #Blexit, a black exit from the Democratic Party, because the Trump administration has done more to empower the black community than his liberal predecessor.

    What a great idea.

    What American women need here in the U.S. is a #Wexit — women exiting the Democratic Party. Why? Because the single best way to empower women is financial independence. With the female unemployment rate at 3.6 percent — the lowest in 65 years — women should be burning their pink hats not knitting new ones.

    A well-paying job allows women to live life on their own terms, make their own choices and pursue their dreams — unbeholden to anyone. Isn’t that the bedrock of feminism?

    Hence it’s high time women stop thinking with their ovaries and start thinking with their pocketbooks. The former may give you “free” birth control, the latter a future.

    With the GDP over 4 percent, median income up more than 4 percent and wages on the upswing, Trump’s economy has given women freedom and power. That’s the power to carve their own path and for many the freedom to leave unhappy marriages or abusive relationships because a good-paying job gives women the means to survive, if not thrive, on their own.

    Financial independence means having choices — another bedrock of feminism — such as the choice to have a career or be a stay-at-home mom. Or, it could mean a choice to change jobs if you like because there are so many unfilled positions available in America today — 7 million to be exact — you’re no longer stuck in a dead-end job. Not to mention a bevy of other important life choices that financial independence affords as opposed to being on food stamps and trapped in poverty.

    The Democrat Party wants a generation of young women to believe that dependency on the government is a good thing and getting “free” birth control or even an abortion via Planned Parenthood for example, is a right. That’s a ridiculous notion as nowhere in the U.S. Constitution does it say taxpayers must subsidize women’s sex lives. To the contrary, what the Republican Party tells women is that if they have a good-paying job and financial independence, guess what?

    Not only can you afford your own birth control, you can afford your own house!

    My generation certainly did thanks to Reaganomics — an economic agenda not unlike Trumpenomics that believes in smaller government, lower taxes and less regulation.

    If American women truly want to be empowered, they should stop the histrionics and incessant whining over Trump’s latest tweet. Instead they ought to acknowledge that the robust economy he’s unleashed in less than two years has created over 4 million new jobs giving them, their daughters, aunts and sisters, what feminists have long fought for — independence.

    Sadly, too many women are convinced "healthcare" means abortion (even if they are too disgusting to ever need to worry about having one). They're brainwashed into believing if they can't have an abortion (that they'll never need, and isn't being taken away even if a miracle did make them need one) then they'll die or need to be institutionalization or whatever ignoramus idea is floating through what they pretend is a mind. So they'll continue to vote for the party that always promises and never delivers. And often even does the opposite of what they promise when there's more money or power to be had.

    What I want our adversary to know is please work with our State Department. You really don’t want to work with me. That’s our message.
    -- James Mattis

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