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    Probably the first - and last - time you'll hear about it


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    Probably the first - and last - time you'll hear about it

    Post  sinister_midget on Mon Oct 29, 2018 12:40 pm

    Alabama McDonald's gunman killed by armed dad, who is injured in shootout

    A brave dad armed with a pistol stopped what could have been a mass shooting Saturday inside an Alabama McDonald's when he took down a masked gunman who had stormed in and opened fire.

    The unidentified father was leaving the establishment with his sons when a masked man walked into the Birmingham fast-food restaurant and started shooting, WBRC-TV reported. The father returned fire and, during the ensuing shootout, the gunman, the father and one of the man's teenage sons were struck, according to the station.

    The gunman, who was not identified, later died of his injuries. The other two injuries were not considered life-threatening.

    Markus Washington, one of the McDonald's employees, told WBRC-TV he was making two quarter-pounders when bullets started to fly. Washington said he ran into the freezer, where he heard about 15 shots fired.

    “I’m feeling grateful,” he told the station. “Wrapping my head around it all, I was just wishing someone would come wake me up from this nightmare.”

    Washington, oblivious to the shootout taking place outside the freezer door, feared the worst.

    “All we hear is like different gunfire, so in my mind, I’m imagining everybody is dead. He’s looking for us,” he said. Washington added he was thankful the armed customer was there.

    “He’s my hero. Because I can only imagine how it would’ve went if he wasn’t armed. We might not be here having this interview,” Washington said.

    The father is not expected to face charges, police said.

    Authorities are now working to determine if the gunman intended to rob the restaurant, was targeting an employee or planned something more nefarious.

    No doubt if the bad guy had killed a few people there'd be wall-to-wall coverage by CNNMESSNPCABCCBSNPSNPRNYTWAPO. Including making him out to be a "white African-American" if he turns out to be black, or somebody made crazy by Trump "dog whistles" if he's white.

    There's still a chance it will be used for gun control fraud by the fake media if he turns out to be a white shooter. But most likely we'll not find out any of that unless we dig for it ourselves because he was dropped by an armed citizen (who may end up being called racist in the end anyway if the gunman was black and the dad was white).

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