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    Glad I dumped 'em!


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    Glad I dumped 'em!

    Post  sinister_midget on Mon Oct 29, 2018 11:09 am

    I dropped GM when Barry forced management out, as part of the unnecessary bailout, and gave complete control over to the union. That was blatant and open payback for their support getting him selected for his Immaculation to the presidency he wasn't constitutionally qualified to hold. We still owned one GM product at the time that was purchased in 2006. That was the final one we'll ever have.

    Especially after this.

    GM Surrenders To The Green Lobby — Calls On Feds To Mandate Electric Cars

    General Motors has given up on the free market. It now wants the federal government to force electric cars on the market and taxpayers to heavily subsidize them. GM(GM) should focus more on improving reliability than pleasing environmentalists.

    In an op-ed published by USA Today, CEO Mary Barra says the federal government should impose a "National Zero Emissions Vehicle" program that will "move our country faster to an all-electric zero emissions future."

    The program, as envisioned by GM, would basically take California's electric car mandate nationwide. It would require 7% of new cars sold to be electric in 2021 — less than three years from now. GM wants the mandate to increase each year, until it hits 25% by 2030.

    EV Credits

    As in California, carmakers would get credits for each EV car sold, and could buy and sell them with other automakers.

    Very much like the "carbon credit" ponzi scheme. Where poor heavy-polluting countries who aren't subject to being punished for being polluters are given "credits" that they can sell to make more money and still pollute all they want to. Then those small polluters can sell their "credits" to richer countries who are being slapped all over the place for being such big "polluters" despite their pollution levels being less than 10% of what it is in the countries that are selling "credits" spew out.

    Barra also wants Congress to renew and expand the $7,500 refundable tax credit given to electric car buyers. Taxpayers have already forked over nearly $5 billion to subsidize the (mostly wealthy) electric car buyers. The credit is supposed to phase out once a carmaker sells 200,000 plug ins.

    Barra says stopping the taxpayer subsidies "will stifle growth."

    I have a novel idea. If you can make them good enough that people like them, people will buy. If you can't, then stop making them until you can fix that discrepancy.

    Either way, stop making me pay for some smug, rich liberal to ride around in a car and let him/her preach at people about how much better he/she is because they use a car they aren't even paying for. If they want to preach, let them pay for the privilege to make people dream of pounding their faces on the pavement to shut them up.

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