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    The small people can just suck it up!


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    The small people can just suck it up!

    Post  sinister_midget on Fri Oct 19, 2018 9:19 am

    Pelosi on the 'collateral damage' of Democrats' economic policies: 'So be it'

    House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said American voters will simply have to deal with the “collateral damage” that comes their way if Democrats craft economic policies in the years ahead.

    The California Democrat recently sat down with New York Times columnist Paul Krugman in the Big Apple to discuss public policy. The event, hosted by the Jewish organization 92nd Street Y, included a portion on climate change that sparked the lawmaker’s pronouncement.

    “We owe the American people to be there for them, for their financial security, respecting the dignity and worth of every person in our country, and if there is some collateral damage for some others who do not share our view, well, so be it, but it shouldn’t be our original purpose,” she said Sunday.

    Her commentary came against a political backdrop in which the U.S. unemployment rate is at a 49-year low — 3.7 percent — in conjunction with moderate inflation.

    Fed Chairman Jerome Powell said earlier this month, for instance, that Americans are enjoying a “historically rare” economic climate.

    Princess Nancy, Kamalface Harris, Chief Runswithfrauds, and most of all, Bernie Marx, all hope to undo that "historically rare" economic climate and take us back to the days of a "recovery" that looked suspiciously like a near depression during the 8 Barry Hussein years. If they get either house of Congress, they'll fight to make it happen, plus do everything they can (open borders, stop looking into voter fraud, stop deportations, allow criminals to vote, etc) to ensure the election in 2020 cements them in power forever.

    We can't let you mindless masses out there tell your better equals what to do ever again!

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