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    It sucks to be fat and ugly, and I feel sorry for women who aren't


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    It sucks to be fat and ugly, and I feel sorry for women who aren't

    Post  sinister_midget on Thu Oct 18, 2018 8:31 am

    Amy Schumer Said She Feels ‘Really Bad’ For Women More Attractive Than Her


    The leftist comedienne, who just never seems to shut up about body image, now says she feels bad for women more attractive than she.

    According to Page Six, Amy Schumer said on Monday's episode of Dax Shepard's podcast that she does not want to be an "ounce more attractive" because she would be sexualized all the time.

    I have news for you, hon. If you became more attractive tomorrow, you'd shut down any sexualizing of you as soon as you opened your mouth. You can take that to the bank. Your non-appealing looks are secondary to your hideous blather.

    "Being a woman sucks," lamented Schumer. "It’s very difficult, and something else that we’ve all realized is like, we are sexualized like, all the time — even when it seems crazy — so I feel really bad for these girls who are so hot because guys can’t handle it."

    She's right. That's why women spend fortunes on hair, makeup, spas, clothing, diets and all sorts of other stuff, because they want men to stop sexualizing them.

    Schumer said that hot women are never able to have a conversation with a man because "everything’s gonna skew sexual and you’re gonna be treated differently."

    She's thinking of the "comedy" people. And even a subset of that. The small part that consists of women talking about their body parts (usually just one body part) every other word in their "comedy" routines. Like, say, Amy Schumer.

    "And honestly, I actually feel really bad for them," she added.

    On the flip side, Schumer said she felt bad for unattractive women because they get ignored. "But then there’s also women that feel so unattractive that they’re just invisible … it just sucks anyway," she said.

    On her own appearance, the comedienne said she would "not change a f–king thing." She also lamented how women are constantly in fear of sexual assault.

    "Women are mostly scared of violence because, you know, one in six women reports being sexually assaulted but really it’s one in three women, so we’re not even like, ‘is this going to happen?’ We’re like, ‘when?'" she said. "Women, we run home at night ... we live in constant fear of violence."

    She should run for office. They make up whatever numbers they want whenever they want to make them up, too. Ask Oscasio-Rodriguez-Hernandez-Lopez-Sanchez-Flores-Martinez-Morales-Gomez-Reyes-Ortiz-Cortez.

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