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    You a lot more problems than that!


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    You a lot more problems than that!

    Post  sinister_midget on Sun Oct 14, 2018 1:22 am

    'We’ve got a Latino problem': Dems fret midterm turnout in key House districts

    Voters are more invested in the 2018 elections than in any recent midterm. But a key piece of the Democratic coalition — Latino voters — is lagging behind other groups in its interest in the 2018 campaign, an enthusiasm gap that could tip the scales in key battleground House districts.

    Latinos make up at least 20 percent of the population in more than a dozen districts that top Democrats' House target list in 2018 — more than half of the 23 seats Democrats must flip to take over the House. But a POLITICO analysis of over 20,000 interviews conducted with battleground-district voters by Siena College and the New York Times shows that Latinos rated themselves less likely to vote than both white and black voters.

    Two-thirds of white voters surveyed said they were “almost certain” to vote — the highest rating on a 5-point scale — as did 61 percent of African-Americans. But only 55 percent of the Latinos polled said the same about their plans for next month’s midterm elections, according to POLITICO’s analysis.

    It's worse than they think.

    A lot of whites, many of them Democrats all their lives, refuse to vote for that party any more. The Kavanaugh thing was the final straw for many. A lot of them were leaning away from the party already and probably would have voted against it. But now more and more are saying they're through with the party completely. It's not just Kavanaugh. But that, the unhinged actions of loons, was the breaking of the camel's back.

    Blacks have done the #WalkAway thing like crazy. I can't recall the percentage for certain. But the number 38% sticks in my head. At any rate 30-something percent of blacks are now supporting Trump and wanting to make sure his agenda doesn't get destroyed. That's not to say they're identifying as Republicans now. But it is to say they know what they had before, compare it to what they have now and have decided they like what they have. About all the Democrats stand for is destroying Trump and his agenda. So blacks are saying they won't vote or they won't vote for Democrats. Blacks alone could kill any Democrat chances.

    Legal immigrants and native-born Hispanics aren't happy with the kowtowing the Democrats have done to illegals, especially hardened criminals. Native-born are generally more conservative anyway. Legal immigrants often become so, though it usually takes them awhile. Currently they appear to be turning faster than normal. Probably for the same reasons as the two previously mentioned groups.

    Kowtowing to ANTIFA, gender perverts, criminals, etc isn't garnering them any love from the above groups and more. About all they have left (and even they're leaving) is younger voters and people surviving on handouts. Not enough of those types vote. And even if they did, the Democrats not in safe places (i.e. KKKalifornia Sillinois and similar) stand very little chance of survival. The country is openly sick of political correctness and being forced to live with insane rules and laws (by more than 80% of those polled). Those things are Democrat bread and butter.

    The Democrats should be more worried about why it is this way. But they don't look at the obvious. They intend to get crazier, because somebody told them their problem is they aren't insane enough yet. So they're going to try to raise a lot more people from the dead to do what they can to save a few that would lose for sure without corrupt polling people and machines. Right at a time when more attention is being given to voting by DOJ. I can't wait to see the near certain investigations that will start on that Wednesday after voting is over.

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