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    New Section

    Post  sinister_midget on Sun Oct 14, 2018 12:54 am

    I decided to add a "Humor" section. Sometimes stories look to be so real people might be fooled (I know I have, more than once). The best way to prevent that is to put the stuff that isn't intended to be serious somewhere that shows it's not intended to be serious. (It's also a good way to separate out my tedious, ancient and sometimes borderline offensive joke posts for those who may wish to avoid them.

    Of course, like so much else with this board, that's not a strict thing. Funny stuff can go anywhere. But at least with this there's a better chance that something which looks like it's probably true (such as almost anything concerning Hollyweird and liberals) and isn't should be taken lightly.

    I also took to some housekeeping and made the various sections clean themselves up every so often. I don't really see much need to keep 2-year-old posts around. If you have a preference for one or more being left alone or given a long lifespan (recipes?), speak up. I can change it easily enough. They're currently set to delete at different intervals because some might be useful a little longer than others.

    Oh, and I deleted Android.

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