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    Still trying to sell the old magic elixir?


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    Still trying to sell the old magic elixir?

    Post  sinister_midget on Fri Oct 05, 2018 11:22 am


    It is widely believed, I think, that we are in the midst of an energy transition from fossil fuels to “green” energy sources. But, for better or worse–I think it’s just fine–that isn’t the case. At Watts Up With That? David Middleton offers charts that indicate no such transition is in progress. This one shows worldwide energy consumption in million tons oil equivalent. As you can see, the contributions of “green” energy sources (wind and solar) continue to be trivial. Click to enlarge:

    I would add that this chart actually overstates the contributions of wind and solar. Those sources are used almost entirely because of government subsidies and mandates. In many cases, they are more trouble than they are worth to operators of the grid, who in the end have to rely on reliable energy sources in any event.

    This chart is even more striking. It shows the contributions of various forms of energy in percentage terms. Middleton writes: “To the extent that ‘renewables’ are replacing anything, it’s mostly been nuclear power.” Once again, click to enlarge:

    It is indeed a fossil fueled world.

    Meanwhile, Barry was trying to get rid of fossil-fueled cars by Cash for Clunkers, refusing to allow oil drilling, exploiting an accident (BP) and so forth.

    Cash for Clunkers took a lot of cars off the road and required they be destroyed. Quite a few weren't even that old. The worst part is it made the cost of used cars go way up. That made safe cars less affordable for poor people who rely on older cars. The same people who simultaneously will never be able to afford the expensive non-fossil engines, even with huge subsidies.

    Shell spent a gargantuan amount of money on exploring for oil in Alaska. (The number $4 billion is in my mind, but that might be a poor memory.) Part of that was working out ways to cut down on damage to areas they'd working, and even ways to restore anything that might have been destroyed. After working everything out, they tried to get an OK. Hussein shot them down. He led them to believe they'd get it so they wasted more money on it, then closed it off. But even that he did in a way to try to trick them into wasting even more billions. They didn't take the bait and dropped it completely. After years of fighting enviro-mental-ists and bureaucrats trying to appease everybody.

    We all know how he tried to destroy the coal industry (it is considered a fossil fuel as well). Killing off jobs and pushing prices for energy through the roof.

    All to push for battery-operated cars that are sorta OK for puttering around town and useless for anything more than a few miles away, and wind turbines that kill birds and need electricity from the grid and can't be used when it's too cold or the wind is too high, and solar panels that need to use massive amounts of acreage for anything more than a few structures and kill birds and reflect a lot of heat back into the atmosphere (countering their love affair against global warming). And in the case of windmills and solar panels, feeding those back into the grid ends up being a money loser in most cases where that is actually set up, and usually isn't that effective at doing the least bit of good environmentally - and is often harmful - when deployed on a large scale.

    All that for that minute little blip in the charts.

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