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    Reports of mass suicide in LA and Hollyweird!


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    Reports of mass suicide in LA and Hollyweird!

    Post  sinister_midget on Thu Aug 09, 2018 10:22 pm

    Not really. But there should be. Especially after this.

    After Being Destroyed, Trump's Walk of Fame Star Multiplies

    Donald Trump's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame — destroyed on several occasions by detractors who sometimes wield a pick-ax — mysteriously multiplied over night so that on Thursday morning there were several dozen stars.

    The effort comes from a conservative street artist who wishes to remain anonymous, but says he was motivated not only by the destruction of the president's real star, but also a recent unanimous vote by the West Hollywood City Council to recommend the removal of Trump's star due to accusations he has mistreated women.

    The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce and Los Angeles City Council haven't weighed in on the matter, but those who oppose the proposal note that others in Hollywood who have also been accused of mistreating women still have stars on the Walk of Fame, most notably Bill Cosby.

    Yes, there was a proposal to have Trump's star permanently removed. But it's not up to them. They don't own the property. All they can do is vote on it and act like the idiot leftists they are.

    I don't know if it passed by this time or not, or if they even voted on it. But the vote itself is meaningless if it ever happens. They should be more worried about crime and drugs, not about what's on somebody else's private property.

    The anonymous artist says he's not done with his mission to preserve Trump's star. "Rip up the president's Walk of Fame star or try to have it removed — like you're the mayor of West Hollywood or something — and 30 more will pop up," the artist tells The Hollywood Reporter.

    The artist and his cohorts, who call themselves "The Faction" and are allies of prolific conservative artist Sabo, spent $1,000 on the stars, which they printed on sheets of floor vinyl with adhesive backing, and their mission was partially financed by "a young and anonymous entrepreneur."

    The crew laminated the vinyl stars and placed them on blank squares on the Walk of Fame, though kept them covered until all were secured into place so that onlookers would not know exactly what was happening.

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